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A guide to Ottawa hotels, restaurants and museums.

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OttawaValleyGuide.ca is committed to assisting the tourist and local users in accessing information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Whether it be for entertainment, shopping, travelling or otherwise our aim is to promote local businesses and resources, in turn stimulating the local economy and community awareness. OttawaValleyGuide.ca puts the power of the internet in your hands with up to date information, enabling you to make the best choices possible. Our business directory (with current profiles) is constantly growing. The events calendar is always up-dated as are specials and discounts offered by businesses daily.

So, whether you are planning to visit the area, looking for some evening entertainment or other valuable information OttawaValleyGuide.ca is your first choice. Our revolutionary concept makes this site your one-stop choice for entertainment, community and travel information. Up-dated daily we provide you with more than you thought possible in one location.

All information in one guide.

The capital of Canada – Ottawa is located in the east of the picturesque province of Ontario, on the banks of the river of the same name. This is a wonderful city that perfectly combines coziness, comfort, business and cultural life. It harmoniously combines compositions of modern and ancient architecture, measured tranquility surrounded by magnificent nature, and the rapid pace of life in the capital. Each season in Ottawa is beautiful in its own way and is rich in interesting events and activities.

In winter, there is a festival of ice figures, in spring, the tulip festival pleases the eye, September begins with the opening of theatrical and concert seasons. It is impossible to get bored in this city, you cannot remain indifferent when something is always happening and there is something to admire. The spaciousness, scope and, at the same time, the absence of pathos and kitsch, endow Ottawa with a special energy, where an atmosphere of harmony and peace reigns. The air smells of pine needles, dense greenery and delicate flowers, the city is buried in the emerald luxury of parks, squares and graceful boulevards. It is especially good to walk, dream, play sports and study here. Having been here once, you will definitely want to return.

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