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Directing the Internet Traffic to You

The key to the success of any product is promotion.

Consequently we are committed to on-going advertisements of Doing so regularly ensures that we are directing the traffic to our site thereby promoting your advertisement.

Our concept of providing the consumer with one place for all their local information needs makes one of the most sought after mediums for Internet advertising. The reason is simple, customer loyalty and repeated use. Most of today’s web-sites are unable to develop user loyalty because the user visits for only a few minutes. However, our audience is provided with a feast of information, which meets the needs of the ever-growing numbers of Internet users that demand current local information. It is this format of that brings the user and the advertiser together which develops customer loyalty.

Only recently have many businesses realized the purchase incentive by providing the consumer with Interact access. It is no longer a question of whether or not to provide Interact access. The same holds true with regard to Internet advertising. More and more of today’s business people realize the urgency of establishing their presence on the Internet. With approximately 13 million users in Canada regularly using the Internet, spending an average of 10 hours a week on-line the opportunity for promotion is great.

With entertainment, current local information, product information, news and travel being the five most sought after areas by Internet users, is in the forefront providing the consumer with the information that matters.

1. Overview of

Setting the Standard for Accessing Information is your unique guide to local and tourist information.

The site is user friendly, fast loading and packed with current information that is always accessible. Whether for entertainment, business, shopping or tourism truly is your one-stop guide. The fact that it so convenient and easy to use, coupled with the vast compliment of information directories, is a major factor in changing the way that people plan outings for business, leisure or otherwise.

Features Unique to the Site

  • The user-friendly navigational features attain increased awareness of your business, driving the traffic to it.

  • A complete directory of the businesses in the Ottawa Valley, the Pontiac District and surrounding area.

  • A fully updated calendar of current and upcoming events, such as festivals, theatres, concerts, sporting events, museums, night-life and much more.

  • An accommodations guide, featuring hotels, motels and B & B's

  • E-mail and website link features encourage your customers to interact with you immediately

  • Coupons and specials

  • Tour and visitor information

2. Advertising Details


The staff of is committed to promoting your needs in a professional manner. If you are unable to provide the required information please consult with your representative for the appropriate package to meet your needs. In order to reduce the need of re-keying and scanning we suggest that you provide your appropriate text and graphics electronically (assuming usable quality and compatibility). This helps to reduce the number of billable hours to the client.

The following digital formats are acceptable:

  • Photos: JPEGs, 75dpi

  • Images and/or Logos: GIFs, 75dpi

  • Text: ASCII format or Microsoft Word, (Excluding formatting such as bullets, bolding, underlines etc.)

Advertisement Sizes

Margin, Full Banner and Sponsorship ads are must be supplied as animated gifs, in the following sizes:

  • Margin Banner Ads:120 x 60 pixels, Maximum file size: 6K (the most popular way to promote your business online)

  • Full Banner Ads: 468 x 60 pixels, Maximum file size: 10K (an effective means to cover a wide audience)

  • Sponsorship Ads: 468 x 60 pixels, Maximum file size: 10K

3. Costs for Production

While is committed to providing you with cost-effective packages we realize the need for flexibility. Consequently we ask that you familiarize yourself with the following cost structures.

Changes to Content: Clients are able to request a limited number of changes to their pages and/or sites. After an approved site and/or page has been posted the client willed be billed in accumulated one-hour increments, at a minimum of one hour, for changes. Changes agreed upon will be arranged over the phone during regular business hours. Any courier services, photography and incidentals will be billed as additional charges.

Website Design (Custom): Following the initial design consultation an estimate will be provided to the client for the number of deign/production hours that are expected to provide a complete custom web site. Before any work on the custom web site commences the client must approve of the estimate provided. The approved work will be done in one-hour increments (fractions rounded up), with a minimum of one-hour. Any courier services, photography and incidentals will be billed as additional charges.

Maintenance Fees: Consult with a representative for packages for clients with specific maintenance needs.

>Note: With the exception of Margin and Full Banner Ads, all products require a minimum one-year commitment from the advertising client.

4. How to Advertise

Business Page

An effective means to increasing awareness of your business online. It can also be used to compliment your existing website, if applicable. Consult with your representative for the appropriate features to best promote your business.

Custom Features:

  • Maximum of four photos

  • One logo

  • Maximum of 150 words of text

  • E-mail and/or website link

  • Unique background to compliment the theme of your business

  • Coupons and/or discounts via your page

  • Balanced animation to enhance your promotion

  • Effective access to your site via the site search results

Custom Web Site

Expand your marketing potential and increase the awareness of your business.

A web site, with multiple pages provides you with the ability to fully provide your customers with complete business information.

Custom Features :

  • A margin banner ad to be placed in rotation in your business category

  • Regular activity reports

  • A dedicated Website address

  • Internet search engines registration

  • Maximum of four photos per page

  • One logo

  • Maximum of 150 words of text per page

  • Balanced animation to enhance your promotion

  • Coupons and/or discounts via your page

  • E-mail and/or website link

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