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Disclaimer, Terms of Service and Conditions

OttawaValleyGuide.ca referred herein as ‘OVG’
Customer herein referred to as ‘Member’

signifies a member’s having read and accepted the Terms and Conditions (TSC) specified herein.

It is
understood that members are bound to the conditions of the TSC and
responsible for maintaining access to and periodic review of the TSC.
Members are bound to the effects of updates of the TSC as may occur at the
discretion of OVG with or without notice to its members.

that are regarded as full payment contracts must be paid in full upon
acceptance of the contract, whether approved by hard copy, e-mail or fax
transmission, or by phone.

contracts require the first payment to be paid upon receipt of the
All payment installments, in the form of post-dated cheques, must accompany
the first payment.

renewals are accepted as automatic, and not subject to question, with a
contract period equal to that of the present contract, commencing the first
day following the completion date of the present contract. Termination of
any contract must be received by OVG in writing with postmark no later than
30 days prior to the completion date of the contract. Payment is to be
forwarded upon receipt of any contract invoice received from OVG whether by
mail,  e-mail transmission or by any other means deemed necessary by
OVG and is not subject to question.

There will be
a $45.00 charge applied to a member’s account for any N.S.F. cheque.
Where two (2) cheques have been returned N.S.F., the contractual agreement
will be terminated. Any amounts outstanding are to be paid within 30
calendar days. Payable interest will be applied to any outstanding balance
after 30 calendar days at the rate of 2.5% compounded monthly. This measure
is used only to discourage potentially abusive memberships.

OVG reserves
the right to use the member’s name and the terms of the member’s invoice
for promotional purposes as seen fit by OVG. OVG will make effort to confer
with any potential member prior to such use.

OVG reserves
the right to promote OVG through the use of window and/or door advertisements
at the premises of the member. Such promotion may be utilized during the
period of the contract as per the invoice.

OVG will make
effort to confer with any potential member prior to such use.

OVG provides
the Member with a marketing service, at the cost specified on the invoice.

In no event
shall OVG, its proprietors or any person providing service for OVG, in the
present, past or future, be liable, whether for breach of contract or obligation,
or otherwise, for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential or any
other damages whatsoever or howsoever caused including, but not limited to,
loss of earnings, loss of profit, loss of business opportunities, or loss
of financial support.

OVG reserves
the right to stop providing service to the Member without reimbursement under,
but not limited to, the following conditions:

  • – the Member
    uses any component of the OVG site without the written authorization of

  • – the Member
    damages any component of the site through illegal tampering of the OVG

  • – the Member
    verbally, physically or in writing, abuses or insinuates such abuse toward
    any person in the employ of OVG

Use of the service
for any illegal activities is strictly prohibited.

The Member shall
abide by all applicable governing Canadian and International laws while using
the service provided.

The Member shall
assume sole responsibility for the payment of all such cost, legal or otherwise,
related to the unauthorized use of the service.

The Member is
responsible for the payment of all such cost related to service as may be
required due to software conflicts.

OVG will make
reasonable effort to provide service, as per signed invoice, but does not
warrant uninterrupted operation of the service.

The Member agrees
not to resell the provided service, as per the invoice, under the premise
that the OVG is responsible for the continuance of said service or any partial
service thereof.

OVG is not
responsible for the repair to the personal computer system and/or components
of the Member, or any conflicts that may occur during or after the

OVG may terminate
this agreement without cause providing the Member with 14-calendar day’s
notice. OVG may also terminate the agreement immediately, without notice,
in the event that the member breaches any condition herein, or if the OVG
suspects that the service and/or the website has been tampered with by someone
other than OVG. Amounts outstanding are to be paid within 30 calendar days.
Payable interest will be applied to any outstanding balance after 30 calendar days
at the rate of 2.5% compounded monthly.

OVG may apply
a reactivation fee towards any member’s contract as required and deemed
necessary by OVG.  Activation will commence only after receipt of
payment of said fee in addition to any outstanding amounts applicable to the
affected member’s contract.

Any and all templates, artwork,
digital images and any media provided for the  development of the service remains
the property of OVG, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

The Member is
liable for all costs of continued service of the agreement, as deemed necessary
by OVG.

Product names,
company names and company logos are the trademarks or registered trademarks
of their respective owners.

OVG is not
responsible for loss of payment and/or photos.

OVG has made
every effort to ensure the accuracy of its product and services information
on its Web site. OVG is not responsible for typographical errors and/or technical

We ask all
Website users to use appropriate names and language in all announcements.
Profanity and pornographic material will not be accepted under any circumstances.
OVG reserves the right to refuse any announcements that do not fit the website
Criteria. All decisions by OVG are final and non-negotiable.

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