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One of a Kind

to One of a Kind: Pembroke’s most unique shopping experience.
We are a family business located downtown (corner of Scotia Bank) en route

to Pembroke’s well known Riverside Campground.

One of a Kind caters
to everyone no matter where you’re from and what
you’re looking for. You’ll find good quality restored clothing and all your

mending/alteration needs. Hand painted, hand whittled wooden caricatures

are only a few of the things you can purchase and/or order. We also restore

small furniture.

One of a Kind has developed
a reputation for providing high quality, low cost
items to all our customers all of the time!


One of a Kind also sells a unique style of bedroom linens, be it comforters of all sizes. Couch blankets, kinder blankets and place mats are some of the things you will find for your linen needs. Did you know we also carry a full line of leisure wear and bed wear?

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