Canada's Neighbourhood Tradition since 1930

The Welcome Wagon is a free service provided by the civic-minded
businesses of  your community.


Mothers ...

If you are expecting or have a new baby the
'Welcome Wagon'
has free information and gifts from your
local business and civic organisations.

Sign-up online at :

Welcome to the Neighbourhood!

If you are new to the neighbourhood, the
'Welcome Wagon '

has free information and gifts
reserved for you



 Are you a bride-to-be...
or know someone else who is ?

If you or someone you know are making wedding
plans, the
'Welcome Wagon'  has free information
and gifts to help you with your preparations.

The Welcome Wagon service was inspired by the frontier settlers and their
Conestoga wagons, greeting new pioneer families on the prairies. This tradition was revived in Canada in 1930, with the first Welcome Wagon hostess and her basket.

The Welcome Wagon brings a useful and introductory token from each
merchant and business. The local business wants to meet and greet you
too, and has further gift or service to present to you personally when you
visit their store or office.

The Welcome Wagon hostess visits as a guest in your home, with the aim to
help and welcome, without obligation. Your Welcome Wagon hostess can
always be identified by ;

1) The Basket
2) The official badge or pin
3) The community Service Information

For a hostess near you,
Visit : Welcome Wagon.ca